Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive a copy of my film?

It usually takes us about 6-8 weeks for us to present you with your wedding film.


If I only use one cinematographer, who will it be?

If you elect to go with one cinematographer for your wedding day, it will be Keith, our lead cinematographer.


Do you do less than 8 hours of coverage?

To stay true to our ability to tell compelling wedding stories, we do a minimum of 8 hours of coverage for a wedding day.


How long have you been shooting weddings?

We have been shooting weddings over the course of 8 years.  As a production company, we started to focus primarily on weddings over the last 3 years.


How are the payments structured?

You would pay the deposit of $500 upon signing the contract to lock in the date.  The remaining balance is due up to two weeks before the wedding day.


How many edits/revisions are included?

We allow for up to 2 sets of revisions.  Anything thing more and we would have to charge an additional fee.


Are we able to post our film on our social media sites for our own use? 

You are free to do with your film as you please- it is completely yours.


Do you charge for transportation?

If the ceremony is more than 150miles away from the Washington DC area, we have to charge.


Do you provide raw footage?

Yes we do.  Raw footage on a drive that you provide for us is $50.  Raw footage on a drive that we provide would be $150.


Are there any restrictions on where you can fly the drone?

Yes there are restrictions on where we can fly our drone.  Washington D.C. is a beautiful city.  Unfortunately it has the most strict flight restrictions in the entire country.  Therefore we cannot fly our drone anywhere in Washington D.C. and up to 15-30 miles outside of it.

To see whether or not our certified drone pilot can fly in your venue, please enter the address at this site:

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