Do I need a second videographer for my wedding?

When it comes to budgeting for your wedding, there are times where you are forced to decide whether or not you need a particular service or add-on.  In regards to wedding videography, couples often struggle over whether or not they need a second videographer for their wedding.

In trying to decide whether or not to spend money on a second videographer, consider these things:

  • How large is your wedding party and how many guests do you have? Anything over 150, I would advise having a second videographer.
  • Having a second videographer allows for more creative/fun shots throughout the day and more shots for the editor to work with.  When shooting alone, the videographers main focus is getting coverage of all of the important events and moments throughout the day.  Having a second videographer, leaves the other one free to get more dynamic shots, which a single shooter wouldn’t attempt to get, with the fear of messing up/missing an important moment.
  • A second shooter will also allow the team to cover more ground quickly throughout the day- with less of a feeling of having to rush. For example, when getting “couple shots” with the bride and groom after the ceremony, the second videographer could be getting interior/detail shots of the reception room before guests enter. Or while one videographer is getting bride prep detail shots, the second shooter could take their time getting some incredible drone footage of the venue.

Keep in mind that even if you decide to go with one videographer, Digital Pride Films will still get all of the coverage/shots needed (bride/groom prep, drone, ceremony, reception etc.), only with less shots to work with when editing.

I hope this helps!

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